The Advisory Group is comprised of 3 sub-groups in compliance with the project outcomes. Each sub-group is made of 3-5 members. The task of this group is to support the project team through sharing and drafting of information as well as generating ideas and proposals in compliance with the planned interventions and activities within the project. The Advisory group is a permanent body that holds regular meetings (at least once a month) with the project outcome experts. The members of the group have a key role in the cooperation and communication between the institution they represent and the project. This group also participates in the annual planning and reporting process of the project.

Members of the Advisory group are representatives of the following institutions/organizations:

  1. Ministry of Education and Science
  2. Vocational Education and Training Center
  3. Adult Education Center
  4. State Educational Inspectorate
  5. Economic Chamber of Macedonia
  6. Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia