Agricultural waste as raw textile and design material in Kochani

Agricultural waste as raw textile and design material in Kochani

Within the framework of the project ” Agricultural waste as raw textile and design material in Kochani”, approximately 20 young participants had the opportunity to participate in using the potential of the agricultural waste and its residue as an alternative material in their own production and design. During 2022 and 2023, the young participants in the project worked with invited artists, mentors, technologists, farmers, volunteers and other persons who were of great importance for the implementation of the project. The activities have allowed the participants to develop their skills for further professional development and research and awareness of the circular economy.

“The successful implementation, especially the educational activities within the framework of this project has contributed to increasing the awareness of the environmental protection. Through various practical and theoretical workshops and research, the students from the local schools SOU “Ljupcho Santov”-Kočani and the Primary School “Malina Popivanova”-Kočani got acquainted with new designs of products from rice waste as the main subject of research. With the art and innovation, we have shown how the use the potential of agricultural waste can be used as an alternative material in the artistic practice, production and design. The carefully developed program has significantly increased the opportunities for this group of young people to develop professional skills before employment, with the aim of a more successful future career, encouraging and developing volunteerism and activism among young people for their greater involvement in the community”, has emphasized Ms. Svetlana Bogova Jovanovska from the Macedonian Fashion Association.

“I became a participant in this project because I have a great interest in art. I applied in this project through our school, I have participated in the workshops and learned a lot from the development of the various products, especially regarding their content and purpose,” emphasized the student, Ms. Vasilia Josifova from the Primary School “Malina Popivanova” -Kočani.

All the products that have been developed during the workshops made a special impression on the participants because the students themselves were involved in their own development, and have also designed and formed them into a final product. But what is most important is that the participants have acquired new creative skills for additional design education and career in the future, but they have also saw the importance of the circular economy, which young people have yet to apply, most primarily for the environmental protection, but also for the advancement of the economy and the possibility of self-employment.

All activities, including the theoretical and practical workshops, visits as well as lectures by all mentors and designers who are part of the project are described in the brochure available at the following link:

The video available at the following link best shows the participation and interest of young people in this project, as well as the materials that were used and the techniques that were applied during the entire period of the project.

At the end of March 2023, in the premises of NUCC “Beli Mugri” – Kočani, was officially opened an exhibition for the project ” Agricultural waste as raw textile and design material in Kochani”. The project through the exhibition has not only raised the awareness for the importance of the environmental protection, the circular economy, the creative industry and the agricultural sector, but has also enabled the support of minority groups, intersectoral cooperation and the promotion of domestic projects that contribute to European values and perspectives of Macedonia.

The project “Agricultural waste as raw textile and design material in Kochani” is implemented by the the Macedonian Fashion Association and the Association of Citizens for Cultural and Artistic Activities Odonata. The project is implemented within the framework of the Regional Program for Local Democracy in the Western Balkans 2 – ReLOaD2 is financed by the Delegation of the European Union, Skopje, and it is implemented by the UNDP MK (UNDP).

The educational activities are supported by Education for Employment Project in North Macedonia – E4E@mk, project supported by the Government of Switzerland and implemented by Helvetas.