Call for proposals

Call for proposals

The project Education for Employment in North Macedonia seeks organization(s) for the joint implementation of activities related to employment of the following target groups: Youth, Women, Roma and People with disabilities.

The aim of this Call is to identify innovative ideas and practices which lead to (1) direct employment or (2) substantially increases the employment potentials of the target groups. The ideas and practices could be related to VSD trainings, coaching, mentoring, networking, cooperation with the private sector, institutional cooperation etc. The project encourages interested applicants to propose and explore ideas beyond classical training which leads to employment.

The selection criteria are as follows:

  1. Innovative ideas, single activities or combination of activities (measures) which are not implemented at all, or not implemented as proposed;
  2. The proposed activities address the interest of the unemployed people;
  3. Scale-up and replication potential.

Under this Call the project will support the three most promising proposals.

Application procedure, selection, co-creation and implementation:

The applicant should briefly describe the idea (max. 1 page) on the template provided. Under stated selection criteria, three proposals will be selected for further co-creation together with the project team and related sector actors.

The budget allocation mainly depends of the scope of activities (e.g. number of people that may realistically benefit) and complexity of implementation. The specific support as well as the detailed budget will be negotiated with the selected applicants.

The applicants are requested to submit the proposals at the following e-mail:, not later than 15 March 2021.