Collective Vision of Macedonian Industries: 18 Companies Enter a Partnership for Personnel Development

Collective Vision of Macedonian Industries: 18 Companies Enter a Partnership for Personnel Development

M6 Educational Centre and the Swiss project “Employment for Education – E4E,” during an event in Kavadarci on September 20, 2023, announced a partnership through which the private sector will engage in workforce development in the country. Such cooperation reflects a shared commitment to innovation, sustainable development, as well as economic and social prosperity in the country.

M6 Educational Center has been recognized as a leader in societal transformation, primarily due to the strong business network it has cultivated. At the core of this partnership, as indicated by Elena Mladenovska Jelenkovic, the executive director of M6 Educational Center, are training programs for middle-level management. These programs are developed based on the identified needs of the labor market while also aligning with the current requirements of companies.

The Swiss Ambassador, Veronique Hullman, noted that today’s event serves as evidence that Macedonian companies are ready to collectively create, guide, and finance initiatives for skills development, which will further benefit the private sector and the individuals involved. “We hope that this is just the beginning and that other companies will be inspired to join this initiative or engage in other initiatives that will impact their companies and beyond,” she concluded.

Svetozar Janevski, President of the Management Board of Tikves Winery, emphasized the importance of investing in new knowledge, employee skills at all levels, technological innovation, and digitalization. “Recognizing our significance and our socially responsible role, we are ready to share our knowledge with our partners and other companies. Only through collaboration can we overcome the unknown,” he said.

Mitko Janchev, Mayor of the Municipality of Kavadarci, stated that the municipality is already making efforts to align the needs of the companies with local policies, with a special emphasis on the quality of education. He also highlighted that projects like these raise awareness among companies about their responsibility. In his role as the owner of “Kozuvchanka,” he announced that the company would join this partnership in the hope of keeping up with the changes.

Goran Mitreski, the CEO of Kabtel, pointed out that digitization, education, and addressing corruption are key elements for increasing the competitiveness of Macedonian companies and the workforce. According to him, the primary benefit of the ICT industry lies in its involvement in various social sectors where it will bring rapid and effective changes. Such a partnership between companies from different industries provides fertile ground for knowledge exchange.

In the implementation of this project, the following companies will make their resources and expertise available: Alkaloid, VV Tikvesh, Triglav Insurance, NLB Bank, Automakedonia, Vitaminka, Croatia Insurance – Life, Croatia Insurance – Non-Life, EOS Matrix, Kabtel, Duna, AMSM, Kromberg and Schubert, Rade Konchar – contactors and relays, AM Cert, AM Broker, Neptun, and, as per the latest announcement, Kozuvchanka. This activity is co-financed by M6 Educational Centre and the Government of Switzerland through the Swiss project “Education for Employment” – E4E@MK, implemented by Helvetas.