The objective of the consultative group is to support the project team in different stages of implementation. This group includes contributors from the public, the private and the civil society sector as well as international projects and the group is open for other potential members which may contribute for a successful implementation of the project activities.

The members of the consultative group are representatives of the following institutions/organizations:

  1. Ministry of Education and Science
  2. Ministry of Labor and Social Policy
  3. The cabinet of the deputy Prime Minister responsible for economic affairs
  4. Ministry of Local Self-Government
  5. Ministry of Finances
  6. Cabinet of Minister without Portfolio
  7. Vocational Education and Training Center
  8. Adult Education Center
  9. State Examination Center
  10. State Educational Inspectorate
  11. Bureau for Development of Education
  12. National Youth Council
  13. Macedonian Civic Education Center
  14. UNDP
  15. World Bank
  16. Delegation of German industry and commerce in North Macedonia
  17. Delegation of the European Union in Republic of North Macedonia
  18. Business Ecosystem Project, supported by USAID
  19. Palladium
  20. Economic Chamber of Macedonia
  21. Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia
  22. Chamber of Artisans of Macedonia
  23. Macedonian Chamber of Commerce