The objective of this outcome is improvement of the formal secondary vocational education through strengthened cooperation and partnership between the public and private sector, aiming to become market oriented.

Through this outcome, the project aims to achieve market oriented formal secondary vocational education by including the private sector. Namely, the E4E@mk project supports the cooperation between the partners from the private and public sector as well as the civil society sector (companies, vocational education schools, teachers, mentors, local self-government units, sectoral associations, civil society organizations and similar) with the objective of setting the grounds from public-private partnerships.

It is expected that the joint planning, implementation and monitoring of the secondary vocational education by the partners from the private and public sector i.e. key educational institutions such as the Vocational Education and Training Center, the Ministry of Education and Science, chambers, associations, companies and vocational education schools, will increase the quality of the vocational education in a sustainable and systemic way.

Such partnerships will be made and piloted with the objective to enable the youth being educated through the secondary vocational education with skills that match the real market needs.

The main focus is placed on the different models of practical training in a company through which the students will get acquainted with an actual work environment and will be able to practice and improve practical skills.