Учи паметно, работи стручно

„Учи паметно, работи стручно“ i.e. “Learn Smart, Work Skillfully” is a campaign implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, with the objective to promote and advance the secondary vocational education and training.

The campaign is carried out through 1) Social dialogue or consultations with companies, chambers of commerce and local governments on the need to open new profiles/classes in secondary vocational schools across the country. The consultations are led by representatives of the Government, the Ministry of Education and Science, Mayors, companies and vocational schools, to discuss the needs of the real sector for opening dual classes in secondary vocational schools, new curricula and new enrollment policies in secondary vocational schools.

The social dialogue or consultations are carried out after conducting an analysis that defines a clear picture of the existing profiles offered by the schools, their compliance with the needs of the companies and the readiness for cooperation of the companies with the secondary vocational schools at local level. In 2021, 450 companies from all over the country participated in the analysis of the Ministry of Education and Science, of which 85% stated that they are ready to cooperate with secondary vocational schools and to accept students for practical training, in order to create professional and quality staff.

“Learn Smart, Work Skillfully” is also carried out through 2) Open days in secondary vocational schools, with the objective to raise public awareness about secondary vocational education and to emphasize the importance of vocational education for the national economy. Through the organization of open days in vocational schools in the municipalities, future high school students have the opportunity to get acquainted with large number of professions offered through vocational education, especially through dual education.

“Learn Smart, Work Skillfully” supports all stakeholders in the education system towards the advancement of the vocational education and training in a systematic way, in order for more young people to gain quality vocational education and training that contributes to better and decent employment.

More content and information about the “Learn Smart, Work Skillfully” campaign is available at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/ucipametnorabotistrucno/