The objective of this outcome is strengthening of the key institutions in order to create a more favorable framework for providing and access to market-oriented and inclusive vocational education and training.

Through this outcome, the E4E@mk project aims to support the dialog between the decision makers in the vocational education and training and to support them in building a system of vocational education and training that will be oriented towards the needs of the companies. The project encourages and facilitates the dialog between the ministries, the national and local institutions with the social partners (chambers, associations, employer organizations, companies and other).

Furthermore, the project provides and shares experiences and data which are to serve as basis for improvement of the legal framework and regulative in order to enable quality in the vocational education and training, effective delegation of responsibilities among the public and private partners as well as allocation of additional resources for the vocational education and training.

Also, the project provides and supports experience sharing between institutions from Republic of North Macedonia and peer institutions from the region and Switzerland with the objective to raise the awareness for the importance of the vocational education and training in the development of the country.